About Us

The dreamer of the Zombie Kitty world, Sarah lives a quiet life in Kelowna, British Columbia with her two rescue cats. She enjoys writing in a variety of genres though her favourite projects are those that make her readers laugh. She’s worked in healthcare for the past ten years but has been slowly shifting more of her focus to writing full time. Most of her free time is spent gaming, baking, reading or being a couch potato. Sarah one day hopes to be able to open an animal sanctuary to help those in need.


Our illustrator, Jennifer Bedard, was born and raised in British Columbia. She received a Bachelor's degree in Political Science from the University of British Columbia before moving to Northern Alberta to pursue a career in construction management. In her free time, Jennifer enjoys photography, baseball, camping, and travelling in her 1985 Volkswagen van named Penny.



Who is Hedgehog, you might ask? This mysterious writer of the series. Hedgehog is the Voodoo priest of the Zombie Kitty world, and serves as a shepherd to the creatures living in it. He watches and guides them, trying his best to keep them out of trouble. He has documented his observations, creating the first Zombie Kitty story. What is his own origin story, you may wonder? Where did he learn his necromancy? How did he learn to make the perfect Hollandaise sauce? So many mysteries yet to be unraveled.